Hina Altaf’s New Bold Photo Shoot Offends the Internet


It is not a new thing that our Pakistani stars are often bashed by the internet for wearing western clothes. When Mahira Khan’s photos with Ranbir Kapoor were leaked on the internet, the Pakistani star became the talk of the town and faced severe criticism. This is not it, Syra Shehroz, Ayesha Omer, Saba Qamar and many other Pakistani actresses have faced such criticism.

Here is one of the examples:

Lately, a VJ-turned-actress Hina Altaf has became the center attention of the internet.

Hina Altaf became the sweetheart of Pakistanis after her appearance in a hit drama of 2017, Udaari, she was playing the role of a rape victim.

As soon as Hina Altaf posted the pictures of her first intriguing photo shoot on her Instagram account, her followers started sharing her pictures in different social media platforms and pouring negative comments on her pictures.

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Despite of getting negative comments on her pictures, she did not give a damn about anybody and kept on sharing her daily routine in her Instagram account. She even kept on sharing her daily gym routine.

Look at how people reacted to her first fascinating photo shoot.

The pictures from her second bold photo shoot for a brand were revealed yesterday on Facebook. She received the same reactions from her fan and followers.

Look at the pictures of her second photo shoot:

Look at the reaction of people of her recent transformation:

People on the internet just couldn’t understand that it is the job of the stars to keep themselves updated and dress accordingly. Other than that, it a choice of an individual to dress of his/her own choice.

We hope that people on the internet would have something good to say in future and support our celebrities.

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