Hollywood Divas And Bollywood Songs – Best Suited To Them


Came across a funny conversation in our friend circle recently. This girl in our group came up with an idea on a typical serene Sunday, when we were doing a whole lot of nothing. I was asked to go first with my favorites and give Hindi title songs to them ….. It’s funny, in a nutshell , I recommend you to try this.

Hollywood Divas And Bollywood Songs – Best Suited To Them



She’s not the best actress going around but she’s absolutely drop-dead fine to look at. I equated her to one of my all-time favorite Hindi cinema starlets the Late Parveen Bobby. The song Jawani Janeman Haseen Dilruba is 100% Alba. Forget Into the Blue lads….



The sophisticated Ms. Biel is known for her versatility . She’s done a Blade 3 , and yet gave a riveting performance in Powder Blue. She keeps dodging with her critics and fans alike. The thinking man’s mystery lady. Hence , a title song which is apt Raat Baki Baat Baki Hona Hai Jo.


jennifer connelly

Awestruck always with Jennifer Connelly, the talent and the looks she has could topple governments, well small ones at least. To me, someone you can invite and introduce to mom. Complete marriage material. She’s got that Mehdni face going so well. Tenu leke is the right choice. Imagine that, you got there didn’t ya!!!



What does one say of this super star of sorts? Well, not too much. Poor girl has got all and nothing going for her. Everyone secretly hates to love her, or is it vice versa. Still interesting enough to talk about during a meandering lulled Sunday evening. With her twist and turns, (no pun intended), and her over glossed sweetness, Jalebi Bai is a certainty for her.




For her variety and her diversification, somewhat chameleonic, she stands out as the ultimate superstar, the diva of divas, if there ever has been one, since Monroe. She leaves that image in mind, captivating, courteous and yet deliciously controversial. So none other than Fevicol Se, suits the former Ms. Pitt.

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Contributed by : Nasr Saeed