Hottest Item Songs In Pakistani Cinema In Recent Years


Item songs have been a part of the Bollywood film industry since as early as the 1950s. An item song is essentially a song which has little to do with the plot of the movie and is in the movie only for the entertainment purpose, most notably in the provocative sense.

Most films in the entertainment industry include item songs to increase the marketability of the film. Bollywood has a big hand in promoting item songs and setting a trend in an item song’s inclusion to a film’s songs’ list. The Pakistani cinema has begun following this trend and item songs are popping up more frequently in the Pakistani films.

Pakistani Cinema and The Hottest Item Songs In Recent Years

Selfiyan Re Selfiyan, Wrong No. 2004

Sohai Ali Abro jazzes up the party as she gives her electrifying thumkas in the item song, Selfiyan re Selfiyan from the movie, Wrong No. While controversial at its time, it has set the trend for many more item numbers to come.


Masti Mei Doobi, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi 2013

Mathira pouts and belly-dances to the Arabic styled beat, swaying her hips provocatively to the item number, Masti Mei Doobi in the movie, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi.


Billi, Na Maloom Afraad 2014

Billi, from the movie Na Maloom Afraad, is an item number starring Mehwish Hayat. Mehwish flaunts her sexy moves surrounded by admirers, gathering more along the way with her feline like charm. Meow!


Tutti Frutti, Karachi Se Lahore 2015

Ayesha Omer looks sensational as dances to the item number Tutti Frutti, from the movie, Karachi se Lahore; enchanting the crowd with her sexy dancing.


Jawani, Jalaibee, 2015

Zhalay Sarhadi brings the party to a fever pitch dancing in the item song, Jawani from the film, Jailaibee. She promises she will make everyone remember their youth, but we are not sure anyone will remember anything with her dancing nearby.


Ishq Kamla, Halla Gulla 2015

Mehwish Hayat dances on stage in a black dress, wowing audiences in the item song, Ishq Kamla from the movie, Halla Gulla. This is a more western themed song but lives up to its item song status.


Rabbi Rally, Karachi se Lahore 2015

Mantaha Tareen Maqsood entices her audience, heating up the atmosphere with her seductive moves in the item song, Rabbi Rally from the movie, Karachi se Lahore.


Butter Jawaani, Blind Love 2016

Slippery and slinky, Mathira weaves her magic across the screen, joined by adoring admirers in the item song Butter Jawani, from the movie, Blind love.


Mastani, 8969 upcoming

Saba Qamar sets fire to the screen as she sizzles in the item song, Mastani from the film 8969. She promises to dupe and dazzle in the song and she successfully does.


Kalabaz Dil Hai, Lahore se Agay, upcoming 2016

Saba Qamar looks stunning in this item number, Kalabaaz Dil Hai from the movie Lahore se Agay, enrapturing us with her hypnotic moves.


In style and sequence, the item numbers are sensational but the trend is still somewhat frowned upon by the more conservative Pakistani audience. Some Pakistani filmmakers, mindful of these sentiments, want to drift away from this trend while others, aware of the item numbers’ entertainment value, want to do what the crowds enjoy.
Will the Pakistani audiences become more accepting of item songs or will item numbers fade away as a trend, only time will tell.

Contributed By : Sarah Tariq