How To Become Your Own Boss? Here’s What Faiza Hasan Has to Say About it!


There are a few celebrities who know just how to steal the show even in supporting roles and they become the center of attention, not just for the mainstream beauty standards, but for real talent and skills!

Having starred in so many dramas and also one recent film, Load Wedding, Faiza Hasan is certainly one of those stars and we all adore her for her lively personality and dedication towards her profession.

Taking part in a recent online trend on a Facebook group, Faiza Hasan has spoken her mind out, sharing ways on how to become your own boss and this video message is full of optimistic vibes.

Watch the video below!

According to Faiza, education should be the first and topmost priority in order to become your own boss. While studying, you should also look for jobs, so you don’t have to depend on anyone financially, the second step towards your aim.

She suggested to look for ways to groom yourselves and this can be done by reading, reading and lots of reading. Traveling can be yet another option that will help you learn about the world and also help in personal development.

The Burns Road Ki Nilofar actress says that you should step up for your own decisions. In this way, you won’t have anyone to blame if something goes wrong and this will take you on another level of maturity where you can proudly call yourself our own boss!

Faiza Hasan was recently seen in Load Wedding as Baby Baji and her character was immensely loved by the audience for being relatable and close to reality.

These 7-step guide on how to become your own boss by Faiza Hasan has made us fall in love with her even more for her genuine yet optimistic approach towards life.

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