Hum TV Breaks Silence Over Awards Controversy


HUM TV has landed itself in a major controversy by scheduling its coveted HUM Style Awards 2018 during the Election week.

The ceremony is being held in Toronto, Canada this Saturday. Consequently, the crème de la crème of Pakistani stars is currently overseas to prepare for the show, unable to cast their vote in the elections.

Farhan Saeed was the first to lash out at stars like Mahira Khan, Kubra Khan, Yasir Hussain and Hania Aamir who flew out of Pakistan right before elections.

Joining him was Imran Abbas who expressed his remorse towards all the icons who choose the award rehearsals before their nation’s future.

Social media was bound to react on the crucial matter and fans are roasting their favorite stars for ‘pretending to be patriotic’.

An online petition has also kick-started to boycott the channel along with its upcoming award show.

Following the backlash, HUM TV has finally broken the silence and release a statement to clarify the whole issue.

The channel made it clear that the date for Hum Style Awards 2018 was decided months back and an event so grand cannot be canceled.

HUM assured in the statement that the award gala will portray the soft image of Pakistan on a global scale.

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The story was first published on Bransynario.