HUM TV’s Drama Kathputli OST Timing & Cast


HUM’s latest play Kathputli is a story revolving around dignity, love, relations, and regret. The plot circles around Mehr-u-Nisa, a vivacious girl born into a male dominant household. She dreams of a successful professional life but is bounded by restrictions which keep her away from pursuing her dreams. Mehr-n-Nisa’s friends take her to a farmhouse to celebrate their success in exams where she meets her inevitable fate by hands of a TV reporter. The incident dents Mehr-n-Nisa’s dignity and honour but her true suffering begins when her own family and fiancé accuse her of wrong doings and banish her.

What was the incident that led to the destruction of such an innocent soul?

Will the reporter make up for his mistake and will Mehr ever forgive him and her family for not believing in her innocence?

To find out, watch Kathputli only on HUM.

Every Saturday at 8:00pm


Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Director: Atif Iqbal

Producer: Momina Duraid Productions

Project Head:  Fahim Burney

Cast: Gohar Mumtaz, Anam Ahmed, Sanam Mustafa Chaudhary and Farhan A. Malhi

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