Humaima Malick Remembers Bol, Finally Breaks Silence On Her Divorce

humaima malick

For the very first time, the Pakistani diva Humaima Malik has expressed the struggle she went through after her divorce from her ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi.

The Bol actress took to her Instagram account and shared that it has been as many as 8 years to her divorce but it has only made her strong.

She further shared how each day was a struggle for, she wrote:

Same day 8 years ago, it was my rebirth. Everything changed, I got to know That Allah is the best of the planners…… so much pain, soo many years, so many tears. Each day on Bol sets was a struggle, got to hear Word “TalaQ” from my ex on my first camera-action-roll of the movie.

She further shared: 

 When It destroyed Humaima … Zainab was born !!!! Allah is the best director his stage his scenes and my pain I played that on this real-life stage!

She also thanked the Bol director Shoaib Mansoor for help her overcoming the trauma. She wrote: 

Thank you each and every soul who worked with me especially Shoaib Mansoor! Jub Khila nahee saktay tu paida kio kartay hoooo

The Raja Natwarlal actress Humaima Malik and renowned actor Shamoon Abbasi tied the knot in 2010. But unfortunately, the marriage only lasted two years with the couple filing for divorce in 2012 and they parted their ways.

We wish Humaima Malick an amazing life ahead!

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