Humaima Malick Talks About Experiencing Paranormal Activities on the Set Of Arth


The wait is almost over! One of the most anticipated movies of Pakistan, Arth is releasing on 21st of December and the cast and crew of the movie is busy promoting it everywhere.

Recently, Very Filmi did an exclusive interview with Humaima Malick regarding her experience while shooting for Arth. While telling us about her memorable moments from the sets, Humaima told us how they worked for hours and hours, continuously. But then she said something that shocked us! Humaima revealed that one of the sets from the movie was haunted. Yes, you read it right. It was HAUNTED!

Check out the video:

While talking to Very Filmi, Humaima gave details about the haunted set. The cast and crew of Arth went to a palace in Bristol where their shoot was scheduled.

Humaima said:

“It was a very old, royal palace, 100 of years old. This palace had a graveyard too with royal graves!”

While giving more details she said:

“I have been travelling a lot ever since I was a kid. So I have this sense of feeling things now. There was a passage with four windows. I saw A Ghost! It Was a woman crossing the passage. I Saw It Crossing The Passage from the first window but she didn’t pass through it, as she never appeared in any of the other windows!”

Humaima said that she told her crew members at that very moment that she saw a woman and she has disappeared but no one believed her until Shaan Shahid experienced a paranormal activity himself, two days later.

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Humaima said while telling the story:

“Shaan wrapped up his shooting and went to bed early. Later, when he was trying to sleep, Shaan realized that someone is playing with the lights. Someone actually kept switching on and switching off the lights of his side lamp. Luckily, his brother was sharing his room and he quickly left and decided to leave the palace early.”

According to Humaima whoever was there wanted them to leave the palace because obviously they were creating a lot of noise and were probably disturbing the ghost.

She ended the story by saying that, “It was a true haunted place and I have experienced it for the first time!”

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