Humaima Malick & Sister Dua Malik Slams Hamza Ali Abbasi & Momina Mustehsan


Humaima Malick and her younger sister, Dua Malik are on a mission to speak their mind and that too without mincing any words. Just like everyone else on this social media planet, the Malick sisters recently put their two cents in over the recent Mahira Khan’s controversy.

But they didn’t just stop there, both sisters took to social media to question Hamza Ali Abbasi and Momina Mustehsan on their views on the matter. Dua Malik posted a thrashing post on Instagram that clearly targeted the two vocal celebs on their slightly skewed views.

Dua was pretty straightforward when she reminded people how Hamza Ali Abbasi was the one to criticize Ayesha Omar for her item song and Momina Mustehsan was the one to bat an eye on Qnadeel Baloch’s dressing style.

On the other hand, Humaima Malick took to Twitter to bluntly call Momina’s status ‘Double Standards’

Humaima said and we quote:

Hypocrisy won’t take anyone anywhere you can’t become famous and favourite by pulling people down and supporting people on your own choices.

That’s some harsh words for sure!

Neither Momina nor Hamza has responded back to Malick sisters. If you ask us, we’ve had enough of this celeb war over an issue that doesn’t even concern them.

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