Humaira Arshad And Ahmed Butt Have Finally Reconciled After Several Public Outbursts


After news of their tumultuous relationship went public, the world was not surprised that a divorce was due soon. A press conference held by Ahmed Butt implored both party’s hostile feelings towards one another and a large gathering witnessed this occurrence.

The two married in 2004 and have a son together. For ending an eleven-year marriage both must have some dire reasons. In the press conference that was held at the Lahore Press Club, Ahmed Butt seemed delusional as he accused his wife and her producer friend, Sakhi Sarwar for any harm that could potentially done to him.

Butt brought on this unexpected conference to seek protection against his wife from the Punjab Government, claiming,

She says I might inflict harm to our son…. I would say she is doing all that to get American immigration”.

However, Humaira Arshad accused him of violence, even recalling some graphic incidents, whilst speaking to Tribune,

“Ahmad Butt tortured me in front of people, snatched my money, and kidnapped my child and as a result I had no other choice but to make marriage a public affair.”

Arshad also claimed that she only held her own conference to argue her husband’s false accusations and come forth with the truth. She stated in August,

“Ahmed never gave me a single penny, I was running the entire household on my earnings as a singer and Ahmed would ask for money every now and then. It is sad that he has brought our internal affairs to this point.”

She was the breadwinner of the household, considering his husband does not work.

However, recently news has come out that they have reconciled. Just few months ago there was talk of a divorce and fighting for custody of their child and now Butt released a statement to Express Tribune saying,

“I must accept Humaira back for the sake of my son, he was suffering the most because of our separation.We have decided not to fight to keep him happy. It’s always the parents who have to make sacrifices for their children, right? Humaira and I are together again and hope to remain so for the rest of our lives.”

He hopes that both partners can focus on providing a normal family for their young son. They are set to officially hold a press conference in Lahore.


This seems quite suspicious considering both parties completely conflicted each other in their own conferences and discussions. Nobody can tell for sure whether or not this was just something completely blown out of proportion, but claiming your partner is abusive, whether physically or emotionally is a quite a claim to make.

Not only is it alarming to those who have been through similar experiences but also the claim is absurd itself. Butt declares that they have only reunited because of their child but allowing your child to develop in a toxic household where both parents are constantly at each other’s throats is irresponsible.

Regardless, abuse is abuse. If these accusations that they have posed against each other are true in any sense of the word, it is quite the offense. Both parties need to seek immediate help because this is a trend that is very frequent in our society. Abuse is a problem both men and women have to deal with and for the couple to just brush that under the rug is ludicrous as their child should not have to be exposed to that environment.