Humayun Saeed Opposes The Ban On Bollywood Movies In Pakistani Cinemas


Following the lead of Shaan Shahid and Hamza Ali Abbasi is another Pakistani actor who has voiced his opinion regarding the India-Pakistan tension. The actor is non-other than Humayun Saeed. However, Humayun does not share the same views as his costar. While they vote for a ban on Indian content, he opposes it.

Humayun opposes the ban on Bollywood movies in Pakistani cinemas and requests Pakistan to not follow the footsteps of India. They banned our artists and in response, we banned their movies. But since when have two wrongs made a right?

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He believes banning films or artistes on either side isn’t a solution to the ongoing conflict between the two countries, BBC Urdu reported.

Humayun also stated that banning of Bollywood movies is a loss for Pakistani Cinemas

“Cinema houses need to launch new content every week to make a profit. They cannot rely solely on Pakistani films for their earning,” the actor stated.

Since we don’t produce enough movies in a year to sustain the Pakistani film industry, the cinema goes will greatly suffer as a result of the ban.

Even Nadeem Mandviwalla, the managing director of Atrium Cinemas agrees with Humayun.
“70% of the business comes from Bollywood and Hollywood. There is no alternative. If the ties worsen, it is going to affect everything. There’s a possibility that theaters would be shut down temporarily”

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