Hunter Killer Review: Saving President, the American way!

Hunter Killer Review

Gerard Butler is one of the most sought-after imports in Hollywood and like another British export Liam Neeson who has become an expert in saving his family on screen, Gerard has made saving Presidents his hobby.

Be it Olympus Has Fallen or London Has Fallen, he is always one step ahead of the bad guys when it comes to saving the American President.

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In Hunter Killer, he goes an extra mile and does the same for the Russian President, making it all the more interesting!

The film revolves around a nuclear Submarine USS Arkansas that is being led by Commander Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) who is sent deep down to investigate an altercation between a Russian and an American submarine.

The crew finds out that the accident was the result of a sabotage attempt from inside the Russian Sub and takes its three men as Prisoners of War including the Commander (Michael Nyqvist, in one of his final roles).

Things change when an American satellite captures a coup in Russia with the President Zakarin (Alexander Diachenko) being held hostage; in order to prevent World War 3, the Americans decide to take charge.

What happens next is a mixture of The Hunt For Red October, Crimson Tide and many other films involving a Sub, a Russian and above all, a President!

Hunter Killer’s highlight is the spectacular action sequences that keep the audience involved even though everyone knows the outcome of their ‘operation.’

How an American sub dodged the Russian mines, why it crossed the path of a Russian destroyer, how the Russian President managed to reclaim his position when no one knew about the coup, that’s what makes this film interesting.

Gerard Butler does what he does the best and comes out as the savior of the President, what if he wasn’t American. Here he goes underwater as a seaman on his first voyage as a Commander and shows to his crew the importance of the presence of mind and the use of wits that sometimes can help in the longer run.

Academy Award Winner Gary Oldman also plays an important role of Joint Chiefs of Staff in the film although he is usually remembered as the Russian who hijacked the US President’s plane in Air Force One two decades back.

Linda Cardellini, Common, and the late Michael Nyqvist support them with a memorable performance, especially the latter as the Russian Seaman who preferred his country over politics; the actor passed away before the film’s release in 2017 and his appearance will make you teary-eyed for sure.

The underwater sequences, the Navy SEALs action sequences, as well as the unexpected help from different quarters, is what makes this film a one-time watch. Although the story might seem predictable, the plot repetitive and the execution, not something you haven’t seen, going behind enemy lines was never this fun!

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