Iffat Omar Reaches Out to Chief Justice For the Defamation of Celebrities


If you’re a frequent reader of our website you would know that there has been countless rumors and gossips circling around our beloved celebrities. Fake rumors about someone getting married, defaming them and so on. It’s true that there will always be haters and false rumors and that we should ignore them, but for how long?

Even celebrities have a honor that they want to preserve and a part of themselves they want to keep private. However, media has progressed to the stage where every aspect of their life is displayed in the media, sometimes without even permission. Iffat Omar, who is a Pakistani actress and model recently posted a video on facebook and talked about how artists need honor-protection as well as any other human being. She also said that, despite being public figures they have a life too.

The video went out to the Supreme court’s Suo-Moto action against contempt of court by prominent political figures. Check it out:

The actress, in the video, asked if there really was same justice and human rights for celebrities as well. Iffat Omar also stated how it’s unfair if celebrities get defamed for something they didn’t even do or don’t know about.

Iffat Omar has also been spotted on her instagram talking about how child actors are not being properly looked after and there needs to be protection for these little celebrities more than adult ones.

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Even Deepak Tijori, who is an Indian film director and actor who works in Bollywood films, also supported the actress for her bravery and wise words. He further added a hashtag me too Iffat so that other people can spread the word and demand justice once and for all for the celebrities.

Indeed, it’s time that haters stop hating and for justice to be served cold!

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