Imran Abbas Responds ‘I Don’t Know Nargis Fakhri’


Remember when Pakistani chocolate boy Imran Abbas and Kashmiri bombshell Nargis Fakhri were spotted together in Dubai over a year ago? Well, it seems the Internet cannot shut up about it!

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Imran recently posted a throwback picture on his Instagram and of course, everyone and their grandma thought that the two were dating!

Nargis was swift to state that she did not even know who Imran Abbas was! The actress also called Imran a ‘nobody’.

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Seems this comment hit Imran’s ego. In an exclusive interview with DNA India, Imran Abbas clears the air.

“It was just one of those throwback pictures which I shared on my social media with Nargis and the dancing crew since the crew sent it to me a few days ago and wanted it to be shared.

“The other snap, which was a collage, was also from the same campaign shared more than a year ago, for a local brand which I did in Dubai.”

Imran confesses that he does not know Nargis personally.

“I don’t know Nargis personally. I haven’t seen any of her movies as yet either, to be honest, and these were just a few pics taken behind the scene.”

Imran Abbas & Nargis Fakhri Spotted in Dubai! [Picture Gallery]

“Everyone who works with me deserves respect and they all have a share in my memories so I keep sharing pics with my colleagues, co-stars, team/crew and even technicians. So there’s nothing to be highlighted about my friendship with Nargis,” he says.

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