Imran Hashmi’s Look in Bollywood Biopic Azhar Revealed


It is the birthday of India’s cricket magician and he just got treated by the actor Imran Hashmi who released his first look as Azhar from the sports sensation’s upcoming Bollywood Biopic.

Titled ‘Azhar’, the movie is based on the glory days of India’s best fielder and the poster boy of in the pre-T20 era. It seems Hashmi was the right choice for being roped in to play the role of the sports star in his biopic. He has perfectly copied the cricketer’s look.

See it for yourself here

The cricketer replied

Isn’t there a striking resemblance between the two? Imran looks exactly like Azhar in his 80’s picture when he made his debut as a Test cricketer. Seems no less than a mirror image.


Hashmi surprised the former cricket captain to pay him a hearty gratitude for all his help during the course of the movie. Let’s see if he pays him even a bigger tribute by doing justice to the role of the legend.

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