Imran Khan’s ‘Phateechar’ Comment Lands Him In Trouble!


Imran Khan is grabbing headlines for questioning the ‘international player’ status of the foreign cricketers who participated in the Pakistan Super League 2017 Final in Lahore.

Khan stooped low enough to call these players ‘phateechar’ and called PSL 2017 a farce. He also said,

“I don’t even know the name of any of these so-called foreign players. It seems they just picked up players from wherever. Picked some from Africa and called them foreign players.”

The audience seems to be agreeing with Khan and laughing at his remarks.

“These so-called foreign players would have come to Pakistani anyway. Give them some money, they will show up.”

Khan went on to say that,

“The big names will not show up at all.”

Take a look at the video for yourself:

Some pictures from the press conference:


The video brought a huge response from the public. Many people are shaming Khan for his negative comments about PSL and international cricket coming back to Pakistan. The video quickly went viral on social media for using ‘vile’ and ‘racist’ language against foreign players.

Take a look at some of the responses below:


Whereas Australian cricketer Kevin Pieterson cleared up all confusion there may have been on his refusal to visit Pakistan:


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