India & Pakistan Both Came Up With a Horror Movie Named “Pari” Leaving Us Confused


Bollywood has been trying hard to make horror movies since ever. From Purana Mandir to Bhoot, we have seen many, yet these movies are nothing compared to what Horror Hollywood films create.

Pakistani film industry has also tried making some Horror movies, but they seem more comical to us than anything else. Finally, we got to see a trailer of a horror movie called Pari which was better than the rest. But you know what’s sad? It looks extremely mediocre. You can spot them copying the scenes from Hollywood and Bollywood horror movies in the trailer only.

The story looks cliched – a couple moves into a house that’s haunted, probably affects the child and there are some paranormal things happening in the house. Don’t you think we’ve seen this already, quite a few times actually?

Here’s the trailer of Pari. Check out:

So the tree reminds you of the tree in Sushmita Sen’s Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra SS

The ghost in the mirror scene remind you of Conjuring 2.

YouTube SS

The Rocking chair reminds you of Annabelle.


Then of course the nun reminds you of Conjuring 2.

YouTube SS

The entire story will give you The Amityville Horror and the Conjuring feel.

And now these posters will prove my point. This is a comparison between the posters of Pari and The Amityville Horror.

And this is a comparison between the other poster of Pari and Vastu Shastra.


So you get my point, right?

Now we are confused as hell because Bollywood is releasing a horror movie also called Pari which features Anushka Sharma in the lead.

Here’s the poster:

Here’s the teaser that Anushka first shared.

Sweet dreams guys…… #HoliWithPari

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If nothing else, Anushka’s Pari looks promising. It will haunt you one month after the Pari from Pakistan.

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