Indian Actor Ajaz Khan Slams Sonu Nigam For Anti-Azaan Tweet


After Indian singer, Sonu Nigam, lashed out in an anti-Muslim Tweet yesterday, many people reacted to his harsh comments. Nigam was woken up at his house by the Azaan (Islamic call to prayer) from a nearby mosque.

Sonu Nigam’s Anti-Muslim Tweet Goes Viral!

In a show of religious tolerance, Indian actor Ajaz Khan has slammed Nigam’s comments, saying,

“Sonu Nigam is my friend. I did not expect this from him. I used to have utmost respect for him but now I got zero admiration,” Khan told ABP News.

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“I cannot respect someone who does not respect my religion.”

Khan went on to say that,

“Muslims have not done anything wrong and they are just tolerating. In a secular country, Muslims are the only one being targeted.”

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“Even Sikhs block roads near gurudwaras. During Ganpati festival Mumbai gets shut down for 10 days.”

Khan also commented that,

“In all religions, we are taught the benefits of ‘early to bed and early to rise’,” he said.

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At the end, Khan stated that Hindus & Muslims should not create a divide and urged for a united India.

Take a look at the video by ABP below:

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