Indian Celebrity Apologizes To Pakistani Fan After A Twitter Clash!

nakuul mehta

Recently, an Indian TV on-screen actor Nakkul Mehta made headlines when he caught himself up in an argument with a Pakistani netizen.

Last weekend, the actor posted a humiliating tweet on Pakistani cricket team which left an internet user all furious.

The Indian actor tweeted:

Pizza Khao. Burger Khao. Thoda Bhaag bhi lo… #PAKvsAFG

As soon as he posted it, a number of Pakistanis and they started lashing out at him for his mean tweet.

One of the users commented:

Stop Being blind fans and supporting a celebrity every shit. This was a lame attempt of trying to be funny. His sense of humor isn’t even good anymore.

The tweet caught the attention of Nakkul Mehta and he decided to apologize to her.

He wrote:

Dear Aaliya, In retrospect, my reply to you wasn’t funny at all. Apologies! Although you must know, that it was a failed attempt at sarcasm. Just like the Indian chase in the death overs last evening, neither of us had any intent. Love & peace

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