Indians React to Coke Studio’s Shikwa/Jawab-e-Shikwa


The Coke Studio version of  Shikwa/Jawab-e-Shikwa has been getting an outstanding response from across the nations.

Penned by Allama Iqbal, the poem is covered by Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad Qawwal and Brothers and they are also joined by the melodious songstress Natasha Baig. They flawlessly gave this poem a new life as it is doing all rounds on social media since it’s release.

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Their perfect execution of Shikwa/Jawab-e-Shikwa explored a new genre of rock and the signature sound of qawwali in this one-of-a-kind track. The video has garnered 1,920,594 views in just three days and it has a potential to become the best song of this season.

But what we love about this viral poem is that how it is also bringing music lovers from India and Pakistan together. It’s not a new thing that Indians are in love with our Coke Studio but this one has touched the emotional chords of Indians.

Many popular Indian reviewers have given thumbs up to the poem and are falling in love with it.

Here are some YouTubers who have reacted to Shikwa/Jawab-e-Shikwa

Reaction Dekh!!

The duo Of Indian Youtubers by the name of ‘Reaction Dekh’ watched the video and couldn’t resist praising it.

After listening to this melodious poem, they said:

I absolutely fell in love with this as they sang it by their heart. We could see the devotion in their voices. I am touched by this poem and I am sure that a Muslim will feel it more than us.

Watch the whole video below! 

M Bros Reactions

A duo of Indian YouTuber M Bros Reactions burst into tears while listening to it and said:

The lines have touched our hearts. I am going to download it right now and will listen to it in repeat mode. People in India just cannot get enough of it as Coke Studio’s music is always exceptional.

Watch the video below! 

This is not the first time that Pakistani content is appreciated across the border. We hope that music can bridge the gap between the two nations.

What are your views on the poem? Let us know in the comments section below.

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