International Vlogger Eva Breaks Silence Over Harassment Allegation On Ukhano


On Wednesday, the harassment allegations on the famous Pakistani YouTuber Umar Khan, aka Ukhano, initiated a mixed response on social media.

Surprisingly, many other women have also spoken as well while admitting that they, too, have felt harassed by Ukhano.

Ukhano Breaks Silence Over Harassment Allegations

A number of women took to their social media accounts and shared how a fan-moment with Ukhano didn’t quite turn out to be what they had expected.

While a number of other girls stepped forward with allegations, some are vouching for his good character.

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ZALMI’S FOR LIFE #peshwarzalmi

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Similarly, the famous international travel filmmaker and vlogger Eva zu Beck also came forward in support of Ukhano and said that she has worked with him and never felt uncomfortable.

She also added that he is a person who speaks in support of women empowerment in the media industry and can always rely on him as a friend.

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Break your own boundaries ✨ Yes, that is me, and now let’s talk about what happened here. A few months ago, in Iraqi Kurdistan, @itskaiwan and I were having a conversation about creative work. He told me how, even though he is a photographer and filmmaker, he enjoys trying out other kinds of work, including modelling (and he’s damn good at it too). We called it being flexible with the kind of creative work you do – whether you’re behind the camera or in front of it. I quickly came around to his conclusion that being open and experimenting with your profession helps you grow as a person and discover new things you’re good at. Kaiwan planted an unexpected seed in my head. As if by force of fate, two months later, Mohsin from @thepinktreecompany asked if I wanted to do a photo shoot modelling his beautiful outfits. You see, I used to think that I would never “model” – that it wasn’t “me”, that I had “better” things to do, that it’s too “self-involved”. I was oversimplifying the job of a model, and detaching myself from it via mental shortcuts. I was judging it. But when Mohsin’s invitation arrived, I knew I wanted to try it out. See what it’s like. Put myself in the shoes of a model. Challenge my preconceptions. Guess what: it was frickin’ amazing. Eye-opening. It made me realise that the work of a model is not about self-involvement but self-control. That you can’t say something isn’t “you” until you try it. That modelling is much harder work than what most people give it credit for. And most importantly, that it’s so rewarding to be able to prove yourself wrong. Break your own boundary and open yourself up to something you thought you would never do, or be. So, go out there and challenge yourself! Try things you never thought you would and watch yourself grow. Getting to this point was all teamwork. Thank you @itskaiwan for being an inspiration, Mohsin @thepinktreecompany for being a creative genius, @ffdfly for the beautiful photos. PS: Obviously, I’m not in Islamabad anymore; these are from a few weeks ago.

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She took to her Instagram stories and wrote:  

While I cannot speak for other women who felt threatened by their conversation or interactions with umer, I can say from my own experience that I’ve always been able to rely on him as a friend and supporters of women in the media industry.

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