Internet is in Love with the Eternal Beauty Reema Khan


When you are off from screen but people still love you, that’s what the real fandom is!

Our evergreen beauty, Reema Khan may have disappeared from our screens but deep in our hearts she is still our favorite. Every now and then, when the versatile actress makes it to the news, her fans cannot stop praising her elegance and admirable personality.

The best thing about social media is that, sometimes you want to hit your head in the comments section and the other day, all you can do is just adore the unconditional fan-celebrity love!

Reema was recently spotted at the fund raiser of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and her fans can’t stop drooling over her evergreen beauty!

Reema Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi at the SKMH Fund Raiser!

Reema looks gorgeous in her perfect eastern attire. It doesn’t seem like she has aged at all and she looked as beautiful as before!

The fans of Reema seemed all excited seeing their favorite star after such a long time. They didn’t hesitate to share their deepest regards for this elegant beauty!

That escalated quickly!

Who doesn’t?

True that!

Reema is one of those stars who used to be a constant on our screens back in days. She has been a part of many Pakistani movies and was considered as one of the top actresses of her time. Not only movies, Reema also made her appearance on television and even hosted a TV show.

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People totally loved this picture of Reema and Hamza Ali Abbasi at the SKMH fund raiser and it has given Reema’s fan something to cheer about!

Hamza Ali Abbasi was also spotted with Imran Khan at the SKMH fund raiser! They look absolutely adorable smiling away at something! *cuteness overloaded*

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