The Internet is in Love With Sarwat Gillani And Fahad Mirza’s Cute Son


Our love for Pakistani celebs is unquestionable but we love their children even more. Actress Sarwat Gillani’s son, Rohan, is also one of the cutest celebrity children and the Internet cannot stop talking about him.

Recently Sarwat Gillani and Rohan were spotted at the premiere of Gluco Allahyar the legend of Markhor and people on social media cannot stop talking about how cute her son is. Here are some pictures of them from the premiere:

Adorable Rohan is wearing a pink polo shirt with white trousers, followed by a cute Minions backpack. Isn’t that cute or what?

Now, attending the premiere is not the only adorable thing the mom-and-son duo did. The two also did a promotional video with Gluco biscuit for the movie screening. Indeed, children are the cutest when they are full of energy. Check it out:

Even their fans couldn’t stop talking about how adorable Rohan looks.

Some fans started comparing Rohan with his father, Fahad Mirza, because of their same looks.

Meanwhile some compared Rohan’s dimples with his mother.

Here’s a fan from India! Isn’t this the coolest thing?

Indeed, they all look so adorable, even we can’t help ourselves from Aww-ing!!

Fans could not stop commenting how cute her son is and we’re pretty sure she agrees too.

Finally someone who finds Sarwat Gillani cute too..

We agree!!

Rohan has outdone his adorableness in-front of the TV screen and we hope to see more of him on our television screens. Let us know in the comments below of what you thought about the Gluco Allahyar the legend of Markhor promotional video!

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