Internet Overreacts to Gohar Mumtaz Posing Closely with His Wife


Let’s be honest, don’t you think the biggest disadvantage of being a celebrity is that people will bash you no matter what you do? If you sing, they will have an issue with the song you choose. If you dance, they will have a problem with you attire. If you pose for a photoshoot, they will have a problem with your theme and if you marry then they will have a problem with your spouse.

What we are trying to say is that people will always have a problem with you. They can’t take the positive out of anything and they just assume that it is their right to throw hate comments on you.

Syra Shahroz Shamed For Wearing A Revealing Dress While Posing With Her Husband

From Sadaf Kanwal to Mahira Khan, all the stars have been become a target of the internet. The social media doesn’t spare anyone. Celebrity couples often become a target too. Syra Shahroz and Shahroz Sabzwari, one of the most loved and adored couple of Pakistan’s entertainment industry become a target of such hate often on the internet. Urwa and Farhan have also dealt with criticism on their photographs for no good reason.

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed’s Steamy Photoshoot Outrages Fans

Internet is cruel and it bashes everyone. This time it has targeted singer and actor Gohar Mumtaz and his wife Anam Ahmed for posing together for pictures. Yes, you read it right! They are being bashed for posing for photos together.

Gohar and Anam posed for a few pictures before leaving for a New Year’s Eve concert. The pictures are now circulating on social media and the comments underneath those photos will make you cringe!

Here’s another picture:

Check out how people commented:

There are people who would sexualize almost anything and you can’t help but cringe at their comments!

People just can’t stop focusing on Urwa and Fahan!

And then there’s this guy who thinks there’s something missing in these pics!

You just can’t help but wonder how can people actually write all of this on other people’s photos. Can’t you just leave them alone! If you don’t like something then don’t follow these celebs or such pages that share their news. Who allows them to throw such kind of comments on others? No one! And no one even asked for their opinion.

Let’s hope one day people will understand that they should stop poking in other people’s life and just focus on their own!


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