Internet Stands Up for Sarwat Gilani, Frieha Altaf After Their Smoking Picture Went Viral on The Internet


It only takes a moment for something to get viral on the internet. Whether its something positive or extremely controversial, critics of the internet world are always ready to share their opinions with the world, sometimes without any filters!

And, when the controversy is about the celebrities from our entertainment world, things often get ugly! Apparently the expectations of people from actors is always quite high and they just can’t see them doing anything wrong. Let’s not forget they are also human!

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Smoking is a common trend in Pakistan. Both genders are often seen smoking cigarettes be it on the roads, restaurants, offices or even on screen. Even elderly women in villages are often seen smoking cigarettes and hookahs.

There is no denying in the fact that smoking is extremely dangerous equally to both, men and women. But it seems to be considered a taboo when it comes to Pakistani actresses and ignites fury when such pictures hit the internet.

A recent photo of Sarwat Gilani and Frieha Altaf went viral on the internet in which they both can be seen smoking cigarettes.

Although this is not the first time actresses have done something like this, yet this picture has been making rounds on social media where many people started an unending trail of hateful comments while trying to school them in their own ways!

But the positive aspect of this thread was that majority of the people stood up to speak in favor of Sarwat and Frieha, saying that people should stop making a big deal out of a petty issue!

Some stated fact that smoking is equally injurious to men as it is for women!

Their life, Their choices!

And we shouldn’t be the one teaching them what to do!

They think people should first focus on their own flaws rather than commenting on others!

While some had a neutral opinion on this issue!

This is not the first time that a Pakistani actress has faced backlash over smoking a cigarette. Our superstar Mahira Khan also became a target of a similar controversy when her picture with Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor made headlines in which they both were smoking. Cigarettes really are not a gender thing !

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