Iqra Aziz Responds To Trolls Who Mock Her Height


The bubbly actress Iqra Aziz who has recently become a household name for her role in ‘Suno Chanda’ has been awarded with ‘Most Stylist TV Actress’ at Hum Style Awards 2018.

There is no doubt that the starlet has left everyone awestruck with her flaunting looks and charming personality. It is remarkable that she has made her space in the industry in such a short time with her unbeatable acting skills and talent.

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But recently, the actress has revealed that she has always been bullied by her colleagues because of her height but it did not stop her to achieve her goals.

The actress took to her Instagram account and opened up about the bullies she faced in the industry for the first time.

She started off with the struggles she initially faced in the entertainment industry. 

I remember being a kid and starting off on an ad-shoot for the first time back in 2014. From that to what I have achieved today at the age of 20 is a lot of hard work not just of mine but the entire team who takes up the charge of making me appear like a goddess on-screen and on a red carpet.

She then highlighted that people used to call her ‘chothi si’. 

But most importantly I want to emphasize on being yourself, that is what is style for me. Being in the public eye, the first comment anybody has on me is ‘kitni chothi si hai’ which used to hurt me

But it is so great to see that she did not pay any attention to the trolls and did her best to make her dreams come true. 

Stay headstrong, humble and ambitious. Love you all!

What a sweet and positive message she has given to all of us! It’s a bit strange to think that such a talented individual has been receiving nasty comments for her height. But at least she’s making this a positive learning opportunity for her fans.

More power to you girl!

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