Is Hareem Shah Hosting A Ramadan Transmission?


Hareem Shah, a popular TikToker took it to her Twitter and dropped hints of hosting a Ramadan transmission this year (2020) on a leading TV channel.

Shah rose to fame because of her TikTok video recorded in the Foreign Office. Social media uproared as to how she was permitted to record the video inside the office.

Shah is just another girl who is riding on the waves of popularity all across Pakistan and beyond the borders for her obstinate and histrionic behavior which had turned into another topic of discussion for Pakistani public.

Shah asks her fans in the tweet, “Do you want to see me host it? Share your thoughts.”

Many ministers including the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, become a part of  Shah’s videos which involved indecent acts by her and her friend, Sundas Khattak.

It was also reported later that she left Pakistan to move to Canada after sensitive information about her was leaked and was made public putting Shah’s safety in jeopardy but we guess, she never left.

Let us know if you would prefer Shah hosting a TV show or not?

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