Is Saba Qamar Getting Married To Arsalan Faisal?


Saba Qamar Zaman is a well-known Pakistan film and television actress. She is one of the most highly paid actress and has been a recipent of several accolades which also include the Lux style Awards and Hum Awards.

Recently the starlet was surrounded by rumors of her and Arslan Faisal getting married. This rumor started when Saba Qamar posted a picture of the two stars hugging each other, in a rather friendly way. However, her innocently expressed post gathered the wrong kind of attention when fans mistook them for a couple instead of friends.

It didn’t take time for fans to react to this image and start spreading false news. The post got 14,454 likes and 131 comments and people started congratulating the pair. Right now, the internet is filled with false news about the two of them getting married soon.

Although, if some of the people had noticed, none of these posts have any base evidence that indicate that the two are getting married. Still, there were many who believed the rumors. Due to this, Saba Qamar had to change the caption from her image to “Friends only” in efforts to stop the mindless responses. She then posted a quotation following the picture.

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Thankfully there were also some fans who tried to prevent the rumor from spreading letting people know that they are only friends.

We hope this post opens the eyes of her fans and that they continue to support both of the actors individually as friends. Stay awesome you two!

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