Ishq Song By Ali Zafar For Teefa in Trouble Pakistani Movie


Ali Zafar and Maya Ali performed to ‘Ishq’ at the Lux Style Awards 2017 and since then we have been trying to find a video with the full song.

Well, worry not! Because Ali Zafar just posted the full song on his Instagram yesterday!

The OST for #ISHQ includes poetry scripted by Ali Zafar who also sang and narrated on the track. The soundtrack and performance chronicled the passion and struggle of two star-crossed lovers, set in a fictional medieval period, unfolding in action, dance, and theater.

ISHQ also gives audiences a glimpse into the smoldering chemistry between Ali Zafar and Maya Ali, more of which is to be seen this year with the release of #TeefainTrouble.

With swords, red flowing capes, Ali Zafar’s weird mullet-esque hair, Maya’s blinged out dress and the intense music, the performance was one to watch!

Ali Zafar & Maya Ali’s ‘Ishq’ Set The Stage on Fire at Lux Style Awards 2017!

While we may not be able to enjoy the full performance for quite a while, listen to the full song below:

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