‘Jaag Musafir’ Mah-e-Mir Song: Listen Now!

Iman Ali on the sets of Mah-e-Mir
Iman Ali on the sets of Mah-e-Mir

After ‘Uska Karam Dekh Ker’ Mah-e-Mir releases its second song titled ‘Jaag Musafir’, it is a soulful Sufi track featuring Iman Ali and Fahad Mustafa and echoes God’s calling for mankind.

With the release just around the corner, Mah-e-Mir is currently the talk of the town with all the pre-release hype and excitement that the media has created. Though ‘Uska Karam Dekh Ker’ failed to impress the audience, ‘Jaag Musafir’ is a step up!

#MaheMir | Releasing on 6th May across Pakistan @mahemirthemovie

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The song has been composed and sung by Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad Qawwal, ‘Jaag Musafir’ is all about finding the beloved,as the video suggests, both mortal and immortal.

The video showcases a dreamy sequence between Fahad Mustafa and Iman Ali wandering aimlessly in a dargah. Mustafa looks like a stalker trying to recognize and find his mortal beloved while Iman Ali is lost in her spiritual act of worship.

Uthh jaag musafir bhor bhaee
Ab raen kahan jo sowat hay

Have a look at the beautiful and soulful new song of Mah-e-Mir: