Jagga Jasoos- A Real Treat for ‘Sherlock’


Ever found a film to be a rip-off of Hollywood flicks? Yes. Ever watched a film you thought would be good but isn’t? Yes. Ever lost something as precious as your time and didn’t recover it by any means? Yes.

Jagga Jasoos is one flick that fulfills all three categories as it turns out to be a rip-off of countless flicks, had an interesting trailer but not the film and makes you look at your watch repeatedly for its super drag that is going nowhere.

Let’s take a look at the film’s top 5 out of many inspirations so that I can save you some time for the sake of humanity, sanity, and (emotional) brutality.

1) Pure Luck Trailer

First, watch the trailer. Seen it? No? Watch it and then we will talk about it.

This is the premise of Jagga Jasoos where the protagonist ventures out in search of his father – actually, he is not his father but more of a guardian as the two met by accident. He takes another accident-prone person with him to search for his ‘dad’ and the rest is ‘Pure Luck’.

2) Ranbir Kapoor apes Jerry Lewis

Those who have seen Jerry Lewis movies know what that made was capable of; in the attached clip you can see the genius of the comic actor who hasn’t been surpassed yet.

Ranbir tries to do what Jerry Lewis did more than 50 years ago; he can prove the current generation but not the ones who know where it is coming from!

3) Indiana Jones will not forgive you, Basu!

This scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is copied frame by frame – in fact, just a girl is added and the whip thing removed from Jagga Jasoos.

A scene that has been seen repeatedly by everyone who knows Indiana Jones, River Phoenix (late) and Harrison Ford is plagiarized Bollywoodly by Anurag Basu and even the jump from the train to the pole is created with Katrina’s shrieks that will only make a 6-year old laugh.

4) Ace Ventura + Tin Tin = Jagga Jasoos

Look at these pictures – Is Jagga Jasoos inspired from Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura or a direct lift off from Tin Tin?

Actually, both serve as an inspiration for director Anurag Basu who claims that Jagga is an original thingy. Right just like superhero Iron Man isn’t inspired from Batman!

Who were you trying to fool? The hair cut Jim Carrey sported happened when Ranbir must be in his teens and now he is in his thirties!

5) Dr. Claw will get you Jagga!

And yes, the villain has 2 heads like Admiral Watson and Crick from Miles from Tomorrowland and no face is shown like Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget. Do you really think people are stupid or do you want them to believe that you are!

The two heads are revealed in the end but by then people had left the cinema as no one in his right mind would stay back after more than 150 minutes.

Omair Alavi is a senior entertainment journalist who tweets at omair78

Disclaimer: Responsibility for the information and views set out in article lies entirely with the author.