Jamal Shah’s Revenge Of The Worthless Soars High On Success


2016 proved to be a great year for Pakistani cinema since its revival. Four movies were released earlier filling theaters with movie enthusiast and fans. However, Sultan, an Indian movie, grossed highest in Pakistan. What’s sad is our Pakistani movies still suffer.

On July 22nd, Three Pakistani movies released of which Jamal Shah’s Revenge of the Worthless managed to reap 1.6 crores at the box office on the first weekend. Reportedly, Jamal Shah endeavored numerous roles for Revenge of the Worthless. He was endlessly shuffling between the director and producer’s chair.

Jamal spoke to the media in regard to his latest venture: “ROTW wasn’t an easy film to make, especially with the logistics. It had a huge cast, and it was incredibly tough for me to take care of costumes and production design, to cinematography and art direction”

He later confessed: “It was all a tiring challenge for me, but because of the subject, it felt quite real and exciting throughout.”

He further spoke of why he pursued a hard-hitting film that too based on real-life tragedies:

“When the Swat operation was actually happening, I made a documentary on it. With that, I got to hear a lot of real incidents and it was very much inspiring. Since then, I had thought of doing something that influences the viewers. Mainly to realize the sacrifices and the circumstances people had in Swat. ROTW is a film that makes you take dignity and pride in your own country, and defend one’s own land.” 

Watch the trailer here:


Well, Jamal’s hard work surely paid off. We hope the next highest grossing film in Pakistan is a Pakistani movie. Let us know if you think if Pakistan’s reviving film industry has great potential or not, in the comment box below.
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