Janaan: Hania Aamir Upcoming Rising Star


Who knew a random girl on your Instagram will end up in an upcoming romantic comedy? Maybe she was born to act. Hania Aamir is an upcoming rising star, who used to act in her room and her only medium of self-promotion was Dubsmash. Funny right?

Take a look:

you so nasty #haniaaamir #haniahehe

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5 am ? #haniaaamir #haniahehe

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Under all dat makeup #haniaaamir #haniahehe

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The 19-year-old Dubsmash star didn’t know what was coming her way. Imran Kazmi, who is the producer of the film, Janaan, spotted Hania on social media as he enjoyed a compilation of her Dubsmash.

In an exclusive interview with VeryFilmi, Imran shared that as soon as he saw Hania’s compilation of Dubmash, he knew she was perfect for the role and that she was talented and her acting skills were God gifted. He ended up messaging her, that too on Facebook.

What made us laugh was that Hania never saw the message nor did she reply. Hareem Farooq alongside Asfar Jaffri laughed during the interview that Imran’s message landed in Hania’s other messages section on Facebook. Imran cleared that the actress was later approached by a mutual friend.

Watch a clip from our exclusive Interview with Team Janaan here:

We can’t wait to see Hania playing a lead role for yet another hit. Co-producer, Hareem Farooq also thinks that the rising star has great potential.

The Dubsmash madness continued for Hania throughout the promotions for Janaan.


Back at it with them dubsmashes. #janaan #promotions @janaanofficial

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Trying to keep myself up before morning shows #janaan #promotions #haniaaamir #haniahehe

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Janaan is all set to release in Pakistan by ARY Films on 12 September 2016. We can’t wait. Can you?


If this is what the face of reviving Pakistani film industry looks like then we can safely say that we have a long way to go.

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