Javed Sheikh Responds to Haters With an Epic Kissing Photo


Yesterday, everyone including Mahira Khan woke up to the news of her rejection to Javed Sheikh’s kiss while receiving the awards on stage. It might have happened unintentionally but you know how the social media is and how people on the internet react to such situation!

Here’s the video that went viral:

People couldn’t ignore the fact how Mahira Khan dissed the senior actor on stage to which she responded by tweeting:

That’s how cruel the social media is. It doesn’t even spare a senior artist like Javed Sheikh.

But, Javed Sheikh being Javed Sheikh has responded to the haters with one epic response.

Now that’s how you respond to haters!

This is Jerjees Seja, Faysal Qureshi and the legendary Javed Sheikh in the flight on their way to Dubai for PSL.

Sheikh Sahab is an example for all of us. That’s how your general attitude be towards life! A response is not always necessary. People will always find ways to make fun of you, to criticize you but its on you to either take it to your heart or move on with your life.

Way to go, Sheikh Sahab! You trolled the one’s who were trolling you in the best way possible.

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