Javed Sheikh, Sangeeta Demand Low Cinema Ticket Prices


Pakistani entertainment industry has been taken to a whole new level. With the release of many interesting and eye-catching movies, Pakistani filmmakers have won the hearts of the audience.

Pakistanis are not only inclined towards Bollywood and Hollywood but also their very own talent.

Movies like Waar, Ho Mann Jahaan and Bin Roye have gained the confidence of the audience and revived the Pakistani cinema as a whole.

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However, post the ban on Bollywood movies, many different cinema houses have raised the ticket prices to gain profits they had previously lost.

Currently, cinema ticket prices range from PKR 450  PKR 1300.

To our surprise, while having a conversation with the APP, Javed Sheikh and Sangeeta Begum both showed their disapproval of this increase in price and find it unjustified.

They suggested that the reduction in prices should be made in order to encourage a large pool of cinemagoers towards watching movies.

wajood pakistani movie jpg

In addition to this, they mentioned that it was in the interests of the industry as well, which is something we must ponder upon.

Javed Sheikh has his upcoming movie “Wujood”, which will be released very soon, whereas Sangeeta’s movie “Tum Hee Ho” comes out next week.

tum hee ho pakistani movie

So are these two artists really interested in the interest of the public or is it just for the sake of making the turnout for their movies to be huge?

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Contributed by Fahad Waqar.