Jawed Sheikh Exposes Shaan Shahid [Watch Video]

shaan shahid and jawed sheikh

It wouldn’t be a strange thing to say that Indians are obsessed with our celebrities and despite the ban of our stars in B-town, they just cannot get enough of our stars.

A number of Pakistani celebrities like Fawad Khan, Sajal Aly, Ali Zafar, Adnan Siddiqui, Jawed Sheikh and Mahira Khan have successfully worked in Bollywood and have won millions of hearts there.

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These stars already have a super successful career in Pakistan and have also left a great impression on the foreign audience through Bollywood flicks as well.

One such actor Jawed Sheikh was recently invited in a show where he exposed Shaan Shahid for taking a jibe at Pakistani artist for working abroad.

The host of the show Waseem Badami played an old clip of Shaan Shahid where he was taking a dig at the actors who had worked in India.

The Arth actor bashed the actors and said:

We proudly live in Pakistan and we would only work in our homeland. I would rather work hard to make Indian actors work in my country but we would never go there.

Jawed Sheikh gave a very fitting reply during the show and said that there is no harm in working across the borders as we are just making our country proud.

He said:

I am a Pakistani and a Muslim and I am really proud about it. If I am working in other countries then I am only trying to make a positive impact about my country.

Moreover, he exposed Shaan Shahid and said that he himself wanted to work in India.

He added:

A group from our film industry visited a few years ago India including Shaan Shahid, Sajad Gul and others. While we were going there Shaan Shahid expressed his wish of working in India and be the part of their industry.

Watch the video below!

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