5 Times Jennifer Lawrence Fell Down in Public!


Trotting around in high heels and full-skirted ball gowns is a recipe for the occasional sartorial disaster when it comes to red carpet appearances and no one knows that better than Jennifer Lawrence. Not once or twice, but Jennifer Lawrence has stumbled, tumbled and fumbled 5 times at major events and occasions. Spectators now suspect Jennifer Lawrence loses her balance and creates a scene on purpose maybe.

Below is a list of 5 times Jennifer Lawrence trip and fell

In2013 Jennifer Lawrence tripped on Hollywood’s biggest stage on her way up to collect her Oscar for “The Silver Linings Playbook”, an achievement that was nearly overshadowed by her falling on her face. The giant Dior ballgown was blamed.

Creating a tradition, she fell again on the Oscar red carpet, wearing a fabulous red Dior ensemble. She’s not clumsy, it’s Dior’s fault again. Last time it was on her way to the podium, this time, she didn’t even make it inside before the star fell.

Let’s not blame the dress, Jennifer Lawrence’s centre of gravity is unreliable at very public occasions.

A shimmering blue Jason Wu gown tripped her up at the New York premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past as she lost her balance walking up a set of stairs. Fortunately, two helpful assistants were within reach and helped steady the clumsy actress.

Jennifer Lawrence Trips And Falls

Following the trend, Jennifer Lawrence tripped again at the Madrid premiere of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2’.  Luckily, no damage was done, and Jennifer quickly recovered and carried on like nothing had happened. Well, she is getting pretty good at falling.

Jennifer Lawrence slightly avoided falling flat on her face after stumbling on her gown at the X-Men: Apocalypse premiere, this year. She lost her balance in her high heels and took a tumble as she rushed to greet fans. And guess what? She was wearing a stunning silver cutaway dress by Dior again!


No matter how many times she tumbles down, the actress is our favourite accident-prone sweetheart who has mastered the art of tripping and falling!