Jennifer Lawrence: World’s Highest-Paid Actresses 2016


The Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence earned herself the title of highest paid actress for the second time in a row bagging $46 million over 12 months before taxes this year. Financially speaking, Jennifer remains #1 and the girl on fire even after her total fall from past year which is more than 10 percent ($52 million) . The actress pocketed $653.4 million of her successful Hunger Games installments.

The star who tops the list has been the highest paid actress since past two years but she is still unhappy in regards of the pay gap between genders. J Law wrote an article for Lenny which is Lena Dunham’s website, on “Why do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars?” Well, many other actresses have raised the same question.

While #2 on the list is Melissa McCarthy. According to Forbes, the actress received an eight-figure cheque for her role in Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters earning $33 million which is $13 million less than Jennifer. Also, McCarthy recently launched her very own clothing line called Melissa McCarthy Seven7.

“I started to think if I could do anything to build women up rather than the constant tear down I’m going to do it” shared McCartney.

Surprisingly, #3 on our list is Scarlett Johansson who made $25 million in the last 12 months – $8 million less than McCarthy. Johansson has an endorsement deal with Dolce & Gabanna. Other than that, she swiped $17.5 million for her role in “Ghost in the Shell”

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