Jennifer Winget Marks Her Comeback On TV With ‘Beyhadh’


Up for a TV serial that is as good as a movie? If yes, then ‘Beyhadh’ is the one you have been looking for all this time! The show kick-started on Sony TV on 11th of October and features Jennifer Winget as Maya, Kushal Tandon as Arjun and Aneri Vajani as Saanjh.

‘Beyhadh’ is an engrossing serial and will make you admire the grandeur and gloss. It is a saga of an obsessive love.

The episodes by now have showcased Maya (Jennifer) as a business tycoon who is more of an anti-social person because of her dark past. She is shown as an egoistic and depressed soul with a pretty solitary life. On the other hand, Arjun (Kushal) is a photographer who aims to become rich and famous and Saanjh (Aneri) as a law intern.

Arjun and Saanjh are best of friends. Saanjh belongs to a very stable yet loving family and secretly loves Arjun but portrays their bond as friends only. However, Arjun has complicated terms with her mother. The episode also portrayed the disturbed behavior of Maya’s mother who is a staunch drinker as her husband left her behind a long time back.

We’ve got to see a slight interaction between the cutie-pie and handsome hunk. When Arjun went on for an interview at Maya’s office and coincidentally bumped into her at the parking lot, not knowing that she is the boss.

Well, Jennifer has returned to the Television after 2 years with this show where she is playing a negative role. Recently in an interview, Jennifer discussed her ex-husband openly. The beautiful lady told media that she wouldn’t mind being friends with her ex-hubby, Karan Singh Grover.

She said, “Well, my past has helped me grow as a person. I am glad that whatever happened with me has made me who I am today. It has given me the strength I needed and I will always be grateful to every person who has come into my life or has walked away. Because this is what life is all about. It is all about experiences and how you learn from those experiences”.

Dazzling Jennifer still believes in the strong institution of marriage and will keep her doors open on love.

She concluded by saying, “Marriage is a beautiful institution as long as two people understand each other well and are willing to live their life together till they die. Marriage is amazing and I wish every person on this planet to have a blissful marriage. I have not closed my door on love. It is a beautiful feeling”.

We wish good luck to Jennifer Winget and the entire ‘Beyhadh’ crew. Also, we are looking forward to seeing a good plot that will keep us engrossed and excited throughout.

Check out the promo precap of the next episode:

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