How Judwaa 2 Is Better Than The Original


David Dhawan makes a Dhaansoo comeback to films with the reboot of Judwaa – also known as Judwaa 2 where his son reminds us of his dad’s favourite actors of the 90s – Govinda and Salman Khan. For some, the pre-internet and pre-cellular Judwaa (that came out in 1997) was one of the best films of the era but it had many disbelievers and I was one of them. Somehow, I came out a happy man from this Judwaa than the other one where one of the heroine was a misfit, there were serious issues with the storyline including the Maa angle and the presence of vocalists named Anu Malik and Abhijeet.

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The Script Is Far Superior This Time

How can an ordinary policeman have a business in America – that was the case in the old Judwaa where Dilip Tahil and his family was asked to relocate to the States after the ‘death’ of one of the twins. Then there was the stupid idea of adopting a girl as a sister and a stammering idiot as a brother just to bring the ‘comedy’ angle in the movie. Thank God, the sister was dropped as it gave the film a new lease of life; sadly, the stammer stayed. The dialogues were iconic in the new version as there were a few lines that made fun of the pop culture; the lines that began with Ammi Jan Kaha Karti Theen got the loudest clap and understandably so. With the change in audience, the change in dialogues was a smart move by the writer and the director.

The Proximity Thing actually makes sense

In the last Judwaa, when one Salman Khan kissed a girl, so did the other one; when one hit the butt of the heroine, so did the other. So why didn’t the two act the same when they were in the same toilet or when they were eating or sleeping etc. Writers Sajid – Farhad tackled the issue well in this flick by adding just two words ‘close proximity’ in the scene where the twins were born. That way, whatever one did in England didn’t affect the movements of the other in Mumbai and vice versa. Why didn’t the original writers think on the same lines remains a mystery!

The Good, The Bad …

One must thank the director for not making the stupid mistake of casting someone like Rambha in the film; she was a bad choice then and had the 2.0 featured Rambha 2.0, then it would have backfired. However, the Thunder Thighs of Jacqueline Fernandez did remind the audience of Rambha who should have stayed in regional cinema. It was impossible to replace Salman Khan with Varun Dhawan and Karisma Kapoor with Jacqueline Fernandez; however Taapsee Pannu did a better job than Rambha and since this is her second film with David Dhawan (after Chashme Baddoor) she might well get more flicks due to her better acting skills (remember Pink and Naam Shabana).

And the Stupid!

Last but not the least is the casting of Rajpal Yadav as Raja’s sidekick – both he and Shakti Kapoor were above 45 when they played the stammering sidekick and while Shakti managed to pull it off, Rajpal could not. He looked uncomfortable in the role and that was evident from his face. There was also the case of Salman hitting the butt of females that could have been deleted in the 2.0 version as it is now considered very offensive than it was in the 90s.

Songs are much better, trust me!

Anything that doesn’t have Kumar Sanu, Anu Malik, Poornima and Abhijeet as playback singers has to be better than the soundtrack that have them all. Amit Mishra’s Pareshan Karein Mujhe Choriyan is a far better song than all Anu Malik sung trash combined; the new Chalti Hai Kia 9 Se 12 sounds better when sung by a non-Abhijeet vocalist and as for Kumar Sanu …the new generation should realize that they are lucky as they didn’t have to listen to Sanu and his Sound-Alikes such Baabul Supriyo in India, Waris Baig in Pakistan. Poornima might have managed to deliver hits in the 90s but she had an irritating voice and the sooner we accept that, the better.

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