Jugnu Producer Jami Responds on Plagiarism Allegations


An NCA graduate and Lahore-based filmmaker Ahmad Baig has recently alleged that the producer Jamshed Mehmood Jami’s latest venture ‘Jugnu’ is a copy of the thesis film he made at NCA back in 2015.

He claimed the makers of Jugnu have picked up the main plot points from his thesis– Ibbo Ki Eid.

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He took to his Facebook account and wrote:

Three years ago at NCA I made a film “Ibbo ki Eid” with an original idea. Yesterday I saw a teaser of Jugnu Movie which had disturbingly similar visuals and feel. Here is a comparison of the two. What do you guys think? Is it a highly copied or a secretly inspired film? Let’s wait for the release to find out till then wish you all a happy Eid.

Watch the trailers below: 

Reacting to the claims, the Jugnu producer Jami took to his Twitter account and dismissed the plagiarism allegation. 

He wrote:

For record I’m still on NCA jury for this year and will not back off just cuz few seniors are pissed off. We stand firm against plagiarism no matter what. “Ibbo ki eid” doesnt exist online and there is no way to see it forget about copying it.

He further added:

And for record NCA students always work with us always welcome and at this moment one student is finishing work on his film with azadfilm. We wont work with film maker who is rude and unethical. We will not bend our rules on plagiarism or behavior issues.

He further said that the NCA graduate re-edited the trailer as soon as Jugnu teaser was released.

Ahmad says that the trailer of his film is similar to Jugnu’s. But then he has re-edited his trailer to match ours. His original trailer was something else. So it seems like we copied his trailer. Now he’s saying that we’ve copied his story. But his film doesn’t exist online or outside of his computer/hard drive. So how can we copy the film if we can’t find it?

He also shared his first conversation in back in 2015 and revealed that Ahmed’s thesis was done a year later. He stated: 

#jugnu film our first conversation started in feb 2015. Ahmad’s Ibbo ki eid trailer came in 2016. Ahmad better apologize formally and properly right away. #nca

Did you find any similarity between the two trailers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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