Junaid Khan and Hira Mani Pair Up Once Again for “Thays”!


The favorite on screen couple from “Sun Yaara” is coming back to brighten up our TV screens one more time. Junaid Khan and Hira Mani have paired up to star in the upcoming drama “Thays”, that’s is all set to start from 21st April 2018!

Thays is a love story that will revolve around a couple and the ups and downs in their relationship. Junaid Khan and Hira Mani will share the screen once again and will play each other’s love interest!

In an interview, Hira Mani talked about the story of Thays and revealed what made her say yes to this project. She said,

“Besides being another serial with Junaid, I fell in love with this one scene when I first read the script. There’s this situation where Junaid’s character gets hurt. And Rabab loves him so intensely that she hits herself with a flower pot, on the same spot as Junaid’s just because she cannot bear to see him get hurt.”

This sure sounds like a tale of a true love and Hira added that she had always wanted to do a passionate love story like this and Thays has given her that!

Directed by Kashif Saleem, Junaid will be seen as “Asher” and Hira will take up the role of “Rabab” in this upcoming love story. This couple will find obstacle in their way as some old-fashioned villains in their fairytale will try to separate the two!

Watch the Trailer Below!

We all are fans of Junaid’s voice and Hira has also got some singing skills in her genes. Not only that they are working together once again, the duo has also sung the OST for Thays and it is composed by Naveed Naushad, the composer of the hit OST of Sun Yaara!

Watch the OST of Thays!

Thays is expected to be an amazing addition to the huge list of ongoing dramas and will air its first episode tomorrow!

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