Junaid Khan Does NOT Want To Marry Mahira Khan!


Last week, Junaid Khan was put on the spot at an interview with QYT. The host asked Junaid ‘If given a choice who would you avoid, date, or marry. Urwa, Saba or Mahira’. When Junaid said that he’d marry Mahira Khan, everyone – I mean literally everyone (including us) – jumped onto the bandwagon!

Junaid Khan Wants To Marry Mahira Khan!

We had already started imagining a Khan-marries-Khan wedding when Junaid clarified the whole thing.

“Qasim asked me the question and I had to answer. It’s just one of those things. Doesn’t mean more than that.”

In an interview with GalaxyLollywood, Junaid shushed all the rumors by being indifferent to the whole situation!

“I don’t know why everyone thinks I would actually want to marry Mahira. I just chose the option I felt at the moment.”

So that’s it, folks! It was a big hullabaloo for nothing. Sadly Junaid and Mahira are not getting married. Junaid is pretty well settled and Mahira seems happier in her own company for the moment.

However, no one could be more upset than us…

We had already starting imagining the festivities in our head…

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