‘Kalabaaz Dil’ Is Not An Item Song, Says Saba Qamar


The nation went crazy after the release of the first song from the movie, ‘Kalabaaz Dil’. Watching Saba Qamar’s entrancing moves along with the catchy beats, it’s no surprise that this track quickly became a hit amongst the masses.

Kalabaaz Dil was making waves all over the social media and everyone began to refer it as Saba Qamar character’s ‘item number’. But when we asked her about the song, in an exclusive interview, Saba quickly replied that it wasn’t an item song. She was surprised that why everyone kept referring to the ‘Kalabaaz Dil’ as her character’s ‘item number’.

However, Saba Qamar had a well-rehearsed definition of an ‘item number’ ready for everyone to hear.

“This is not a item number. Item number wo hota hai jismein heroin ya larki akeli hoti hai, jab hero sath ajaye tu wo item number nahi rehta. No more item number.”

According to Saba she is not better than a bathroom singer, but when asked to sing two lines from the song, Saba Qamar, manage to sing ‘Kalabaaz Dil’ in a  delightful way.


Aima Baig’s deep vocals brought life to the song and with the captivating rhythms, it’s hard not to start dancing as soon as it comes on. Without choreographer, Wahab Shah, Saba Qamar would not have sold the song as well as she did. Yet, the Nomi Ansari ensemble that she has adorned in the video took the cake as it got all the eyes on her perfectly toned body.


This highly anticipated road-comedy film, ‘Lahore Se Aagey’, sequel to ‘Karachi Se Lahore’, is releasing 11th November 2016. Yasir Hussain will be returning as his character, ‘Moti’ and Saba Qamar is playing the character of Tara, an urban rock star girl. We are hoping that Lahore Se Aagye will be better than the first!