Kameez Teri Kali Reloaded By Nescafe Basement Season 4


Nescafe Basement is back again with its fourth season! A delightful musical experience where some of Pakistan’s most talented musicians come together to experiment and perform chartbusters, the latest season of the show aims to captivate audiences once more and explore a spectrum of musical genres.

The second episode of  Nescafe Basement 4 is an illustration of the amalgamation of contemporary instruments in an attempt to take on the eastern classical style of music and comprises of one original and one cover song. Kameez Teri Kali, originally by folk legend Ataullah Esak-helvi, is a modern interpretation of the classic folk song.

The song has Mehak Ali on vocals, Yusuf Ramay on drums, Farhan Ali on bass, Misbah and Sherry on guitars, Arsalan on key-boards, Asif Amin on tabla, Sharoon on violin and Nazar on flute.