Kangana Ranaut disappoints in & as Simran


When Amrish Puri’s character told Kajol’s Simran in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge to go and live a happy life with Shah Rukh Khan’s Raj, he meant every word of it. Director Hansal Mehta took it metaphorically and came up with Simran that neither has the leading lady living happily nor the audience leaving the cinema with a smile because it is a confused project that doesn’t fit into any genre or follows a common thing known as logic.

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Is Simran mental or stupid?

Simran is inspired by the adventures of a real-life NRI Sandeep Kaur who robbed banks to pay back her loan shark. Fair enough. However, when you change the character of a 24-year-old into a 31-year-old, you must not forget that the person would attain maturity, rather than stupidity. Kangana’s Simran looks like an Indian touring Las Vegas instead of a girl working in the hotel industry for seven years. When a loan shark approaches her with money, she thanks him rather than asking him as to why he was being so good to her.

Hollywood must learn from Bollywood!

Move aside Danny Ocean … Simran is here from Bollywood. She can rob banks by simply handing out a note and escape in the same car in a country where there must be security cameras outside banks and on the roads. It seems that the writer(s) penned the script in India and then decided to change the country without thinking about the changes in the two locations. If you go the Simran way, life is jhingalala even in the United States!

You don’t stay Queen forever!

First thing first … why is everyone obsessed to play a Gujarati? Anushka Sharma was irritating as one in Jab Harry Met Sejal and now Kangana who is shown to have studied in America and keeps a job for 7 years (at least 10 years in the States) yet when she opens her mouth it seems she hasn’t learned a thing during her stay. Yes, she was marvelous in Queen but that ‘character flaw’ doesn’t work in Simran. She should have prepared for the role better rather than wasting her time on TV appearances criticizing Hrithik Roshan for dumping her!

Too many cooks spoil Simran 

There is a reason why actors act, writers write and directors direct films. By challenging that, Kangana Ranaut has tried to become bigger than the film itself and if that never worked for Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan, who is Kangana! There was a controversy regarding writing credits (with screenwriter Apurva Asrani) before the film’s release and one wonders how the film might have turned out to be without Kangana’s input. It would surely have been better than how it finally turned out to be!

Simran – A Tragedy for the audience

Simran suffers from multiple genre order because you can’t place it in any one genre. It goes from being a drama to a suspense flick and then turns into a comedy and finally into an action flick, ending on a comedy note to confuse the audience. It might seem the extended version of Queen at some point but that film had shock value whereas it is Kangana who shocks her fans here with a lackluster performance.

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