Karachi 81 Film May be shot In Pakistan


Karachi 81 is a South Indian spy film and will partially be shot in Pakistan! Will the government allow? What barriers the filmmakers will face? Well, all this only time will tell.

Times of India reported that K. S. Bava , director of hit Malayalam comedy Idiots, is planning to shoot the majority of his film in Pakistan.

“We are thinking about Pakistan as a main location, but are yet to start with the process for the same. The film is in its initial stages,” revealed the director.

Karachi 81

Reportedly, the film is being made on a big budget and will also be shot in locations such as Rajastan, Kochi and Moscow. Actor and producer Prithviraj, a superstar in Malayalam cinema and best known for starring opposite Rani Mukherji in the romantic comedy Aiyyaa, is all set to star in a film called Karachi 81.


Further reports revealed that Karachi 81 is an action-oriented film and is based on a real-life incident involving a spy. The remaining cast is yet to be finalised!

The film is slated to start shooting in September.

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