Karachi Se Lahore 3 is Set to Release on Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 and it’s Exciting!


After the successful Box Office hits “Karachi Se Lahore” and then “Lahore Se Aagey”, Wajahat Rauf is all set to take us on yet another exciting journey with the 3rd installment of Karachi Se Lahore which is expected to be released on Eid ul Fitr 2019!

Penned down by Yasir Hussain, “Karachi Se Lahore 3” is expected to be filled with non-stop entertainment and even though, the road trip might have ended, Showcase Films and IMGC are teaming up to bring something extra special to our screens once again!

Wajahat Rauf, the director, took it to his Facebook account and announced about the details regarding his third project with the caption, “Mai Bhi Baaz Naheen Aoonga”

Chairman IMGC Group, Sheikh Amjad Rasheed, says

“It is a matter of pleasure and privilege for IMGC group to be associated again with Mr. Wajahat Rauf of Showcase Films. IMGC group is leading distributor in Pakistan. Our experiences both in time delivery, personal relationship and successful turnover is unique with this group.”

Full of comedy and never-ending fun, the first two movies, Karachi Se Lahore and Lahore Se Aagey, were all about crazy road trips and adventures they faced along. Since it doesn’t seem like the case with Karachi Se Lahore 3, it will be really interesting to see what they now have in their treasure which is going to be super exciting!

Although the cast of KSL 3 has not been yet officially announced, it is expected that some of the actors from its prequels will be making a comeback including Yasir Hussain, Ayesha Omar and Shahzad Sheikh. There is a rumour that Kubra Khan, Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui will also be a part of this upcoming movie, and we are hoping that the first film’s Sam (Ahmed Ali) also makes a comeback, in his usual style. Till then, we can’t wait to get our hands on some more details about this upcoming movie which is going to be soon under the production phase!

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