Is Katrina Kaif Jealous of Mahira Khan?


Mahira Khan’s recent success in Bollywood has earned her millions of fans around the world. Moreover being the charmer that she is, it turns out that Ranbir Kapoor could just be one of them.

In a recent interview Tweeted by Bollywood Hungama, he was asked to share his list of pretty actresses and the Bollywood star did not hesitate to add Mahira Khan.

In the rapid fire round of the interview, he said:

“Mahira Khan from Pakistan is very pretty”

What is more, he also listed her alongside the other Bollywood divas Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor.

However, Ranbir’s naming Mahira triggered a very visible change in Katrina Kaif’s demeanor.

Having been acting detached and composed the whole time of the interview, at this particular point the Bollywood actress demonstratively flipped her expressions.

Watch the video here!

As the reasons for Katrina’s reactions remain unknown, we are left with nothing but guesses.

Could Kat be jealous of the actress on her ex’s list? Meanwhile, our very own Mahira Khan continues to flourish and appear flawless earning a good name for herself and Pakistan everywhere she goes.

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