Kedarnath Manages To Swim Despite The Bumpy Ride

kedarnath review

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh had a kid and she has taken over Bollywood by storm, literally. We are talking about Sara Ali Khan who has her mother’s features and her father’s surname, making her the new Khan on the block.

With Kedarnath, she has come a long way because she carries the film on her shoulders and partners Sushant Singh Rajput well who plays a Muslim porter in Hindu dominated area and falls in love. Oops, big mistake!

Kedarnath follows the pattern of Titanic as it has a love story booming on the sidelines of a natural disaster. In Titanic, it was the sinking of the ship while here it is the flood that destroys the whole town and with it, the love of Mansoor and Mukku, played by Sushant and Sara respectively.

Like the James Cameron movie, it bases itself in history and in the Bollywood version’s case, they just go back by 5 years to the tragedy that devastated the people in the Indian Uttarakhand region where tourists visited as pilgrims every now and then.

How do the two fall in love and what happens when others get to learn of their relationship, that’s what Kedarnath is all about.

It is as much as a Hindu – Muslim love story as it is a disaster film, making it somewhat unique in India’s case where disaster movies have had a disastrous run at the box office. With Abhishek Kapoor at the helm, and Tushar Kanti Ray as the cinematographer, the mountain region is captured beautifully until the rain played spoilsport.

The writer who had previously used the Hindu – Muslim divide in his earlier film Kai Po Che well, takes you down the same road and comes back victoriously because not once does the audience get tired to the bubbly new girl or her beau who carries emotional baggage besides the many passengers up the hill on his back.

The VFX is surprisingly well done and you feel like reliving the tragedy that killed many and left countless homeless. The last half hour is dedicated to the flood so it would be safe to say that it is the third component in the love triangle and ruins it all when everything seemed to be going well.

Yes, there were issues where a Pakistan India match that was played last year was shown as a match played in 2013 but that happens when you try to recreate something that wasn’t there in a film revolving around something that did happen.

The soundtrack could have been better and would have given the newcomer a boost similar to her mother Amrita Singh who got the best songs when she started out as a fiery young actress 35 years back.

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